Our lab is interested in how the dynamics of biomolecules, such as hormones, circulating through our body impact human health and disease.

Our mission is to develop technologies and strategies to understand, parametrize, and treat the impacts of biomolecular rhythm dysregulation in humans.

  • Microfluidic Oscillator
  • Confocal Oscillator
  • Microgel
  • Person pipetting a sample onto a slide
  • Microscopic image
 Microfluidic Circuits for Rhythmic Stimulus

Our lab develops self-regulating, electrically-analogous fluidic circuits to temporally stimulate cells by applying biomolecule oscillations. These systems, such as microfluidic oscillators require minimal external control elements, and execute preprogrammed fluidic operations such as an electronic astable multi-vibrator.

3D Perfusable Cell Culture Systems

By pairing dynamic flow with microporous annealed particle (MAP) gel technology, we are developing microphysiological systems capable of greater nutrient supply and waste disposal. With greater mass transfer rates, a more realistic 3D environment, and feeding cycle capabilities, this project aims to study circadian rhythm disruption over long time scales

Dynamic Nanopore Microfluidic Transfection via Electroporation (DyNaMiTE)

Nanopore electroporation is a transfection technique to deliver macromolecules into a variety of cell types. DyNaMiTE builds upon this technology by incorporating flow in a microfluidic device. The aim of this technology is to improve efficiency and viability of the current platform.